It’s Time To Revoke Trump’s Press Credentials

At this past Wednesday’s “press conference” at the White House, CNN’s Jim Acosta, PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor and National Urban Radio’s April Ryan were verbally assaulted by Donald Trump for having the nerve to ask tough questions of him and demand he answer them. Later that day, Acosta had his press credentials revoked after a doctored… Read More It’s Time To Revoke Trump’s Press Credentials

About Last Night

Sure, we’re going to fight about Nancy Pelosi, whether Bernie or Biden should run in 2020, on what the party platform should be. We will, but we can have that fight later. For now, Democrats, take a look at ALL of the midterm election results. And then DEMOCRATS, center, left and far left, give yourselves a giant “Job Well Done!”… Read More About Last Night

A Little Exploitation Never Hurt, Right?

We’ve seen a lot of criticism of Kanye West and a lot of criticism of those criticizing Kanye West. My criticism falls primarily on the people around President Trump. This was incompetence at its worst. A complete lack of vetting on the part of the White House. The looks on the faces of everyone in the room, from Donald Trump  to Ivanka, Jared, Kelly etc said it all. This was an absolute disaster.… Read More A Little Exploitation Never Hurt, Right?

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even!

Look, I realize that emotions are high. This was a gut punch, but one we should have seen coming. The whole second hearing was a set up from the beginning. Christine Blasey Ford was never going to get a fair hearing. We knew that going in, and I suspect do did Dr. Ford. Her courage was nonetheless inspiring. What all of us need to do is channel our emotions into a positive energy. As the saying goes, don’t get mad, get even. … Read More Don’t Get Mad, Get Even!